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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Post

I wanted to see if anyone was going to the ACONE adoption conference this Saturday?  It is the first time I am going but the speakers look really good and I'm looking forward to it.
And as I expected, this wait for a court date is awful!!!  There is no communication on when it could be and I just have to sit here in the dark and wait.  My agency is not allowing people to travel in May (and maybe June, not sure) and then the courts close for the rainy season which I think is around August through October.  So I am really anxious to get a court date soon!  Good luck to everyone waiting for a date!

1 comment:

Staci said...

Not going due my crappy pregnancy health. I hope to attend next year but not this time around.

Why on earth can't you travel in May or June??? That's terrible! That could leave your little one in Toukoul for MONTHS extra!

We haven't heard about court yet either and I am going out of my flipping mind.

If you hear something, post immediately. :)