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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Day!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a court date and pass before Mother's Day, but it's probably unlikely.  So I've been using my energy for something more useful than freaking out about it every day and have made Mother's Day bracelets.  Each one is different but all of the them have a charm in the middle which is in the shape of a heart with a set of baby's feet.  Here's an example of a pink one and a blue one.
If you are interested let me know if you would like pink or blue or neutral.  These are $22 each and the money goes to the Toukoul Orphanage. 
Also if anyone has any good tips on how to take GOOD pictures of jewelry please let me know!!


Judy said...

Your pictures are good, but the bracelets are even better in person! They are just adorable and would make wonderful gifts!

Bill Greenberg said...

Try this:

Staci said...

Hey Girly, I am a photographer and would be thrilled to take shots of your work for you. They are lovely.

Hopeing you get that court date soon...