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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The jewelry pictures are finally up...

For my loyal followers (all two of you) :)  and for future fans (I hope), I am raising money to bring to the orphanage for a donation.  There are some wonderful YouTube videos of it, I'm not sure what the rules are so I am not going to link it, but it is called Toukoul Orphanage in Addis Ababa.  I have watched them over and over.  You then can see all the links to the videos of parents picking up their children, and then I start watching those and can't stop.  My mom is supposed to be practicing her video skills for our trip (so get started mom!).

I am selling several things.  If you are interested in anything either email me at or make a donation and put in the comments what you would like.  Of course, you can always just make a donation for the fun of it :)

The first is a beautiful but simple elastic bracelet made with wooden beads.  I do not know where the wooden beads were made but I like to think Africa :)  This bracelet is yours for a $10 donation.

I also have charm / button bracelets. Each one is different and decorated with antique buttons, different charms and words. They are done in either silver tones, gold or bronze. Just let me know what material you would like and if you have any special requests for a word you would like on there. This bracelet is yours for a $20 donation.

My new favorite thing to make is these wire birds nests pendants. I am making them with silver plated wire and will be getting in some sterling silver chains to hang them on. I can make them with any color beads. Blue or pink would make a nice mothers day gift, don't you think? These are yours for a $25 donation. Once I get the silver chains it will be an extra $10 for the chain.

I also make a lot of other jewelry which I will post when I am able to get good pictures of them.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in any pieces or want to see if I can make something. All of the money that goes into this account will travel with my mom and I to Toukoul Orphanage. They will use it to buy medical supplies, clothing, shoes and anything else that they need.


Judy said...

Your jewelry is beautiful-the pieces that you have given me are just lovely, unique and well made. I will always treasure them. And soon, your best work will arrive-a present for all of us!
By the way, it is really difficult to practice video taking skills without a video camera. Let's get busy getting ready to bring home our little girl!! Love, Mom

Your Brother said...

OMG! I'm blogging, or at least commenting on someone's blog, which may actually be cooler than having my own blog. Mason says hello and can't wait to meet his cousin! All kidding aside, it's baffling the obtacles they put up when trying to adopt - will be well worth the wait for sure.

Your Brother said...

This is another comment on your Blog!!! OMG!!!

Michelle Mobilia said...

What a beautiful wrist model you used to show off your bracelet. :)