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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am going to try to start blogging again (well again is a bit of an exaggeration).  But I want one place to keep track of all the things Sierra's says and does.  Copying from another blog I am going to call them Sierraisms.  Conversation last night.

Sierra - I want Ariel (the disney mermaid) to come over and play
Me -  Well that is very nice but she is not a real person so she can't come over the house
Sierra - She can't come over cause she's mean?
Me - No, because she is not real.  She is a cartoon.
Sierra - Oh, she spits?  She hits?  So she can't come over?
Me - Um, no.  I am sure she is a very nice person/mermaid but she can't come over and play because she is NOT REAL.
Sierra - But I miss her (huge whine)
Me - I quit

Talking in her crib at bedtime
Sierra - Ok, everybody, EVERYBODY be quiet, I on a phone call.  Because I on a phone call so be quiet.  Ok, now I go to office.

The past few weeks -

Sierra - When I a grown-up I get to floss, use grown-up toothpaste and wear a tank-top, right Mama?!!?

Sierra - Ripley, I looooove your peeps. 

Me - Sierra what decoration do you want on your cake?  An animal, princess, elmo, anything you want.
Sierra - Cheese

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